Monday, April 8, 2013


Over the course of the semester we were requires to do a series of blogs describing what how feel about things that we have learned and reviewed in class. At first I wasn't very enthused about the thought of blogging but as I did more and more I eventually did not mind doing them. It is very interesting seeing what other students around campus think about the stories and poems we have read.


  1. this blog has really inspired me to pour out all my emotions in blog form

  2. I was also against blogs at first. However, like you I realized they were not too bad. It was a cool sharing my thoughts and reading the thoughts of others.

  3. I personally feel like it's a great way to express my opinion through all the blogs I've written. Sweeney is also starting a trend by making all his students write blogs during their free time even after we're done with his class.